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Question and Answer - 12.10.2013

 Miracles/Adam and Eve (Metaphorical), Tzinius (Men and Women), Diging Wells in Torah, Designations of Heads of State/Kings, Broken Mesorah (Opinions disparate), Mesillas Yesharim (Pleasure Seeking, also serve Hashem), Fossils/Dinosaurs/Ancient Artifcats, Age of the Universe, Drawing Pictures of Avos, Tefillas Haderech (Halachos), Emotions are in the Mind/Now Focus in the Mind (Chazal), Jews and Non Jews Protecting Endangered Species. Altering Species, Draesia vs Drabbanan (What consititues which decree and when), Tipping Waiters, Gan Eden (Physical place/location/metaphysical reality), Sim Shalom/Shalom Rav (Shachris vs Mincha/Maariv), Ability of Scrutinize (Sefarim and Opinions), Origin of Peyos, Chaning Nature for the Better and Human Power to Change the World

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Rabbi Dr. Yitzchak Breitowitz

Question and Answer - 12.10.2013

77 mins 58 secs
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