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Questions and Answers 10.29.2013

Year Shamayim, Taking on Chumras, Gambling, Foucs on Rachel vs Leah, Hashakfa Ohr Somayach vs Aish HaTorah, Learning in Yeshiva before WWII, Reading 'External Books' during the 2nd Temple Period: Apochrapha, Chanukah, Redeeming Prisioners, Rifka on Yaakov and Esav : Holiness of Neshama, The Birthright, Visiting Avoda Zora Places, Halacha on Littering, Gullus Edom, Learning Evolution, Tzneius in Mea Sharim, Normal Behavior in Torah, Israeli Palastienian Negotations, Rabbi Johnathan Sachs

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Rabbi Dr. Yitzchak Breitowitz

Questions and Answers 10.29.2013

70 mins 14 secs
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